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Introduction to Tina

93 Everyone!
My name is Tina and I live in C. Wisconsin.
Thank you for letting me join the LJ group.
I will be visiting the lodge in the spring
to join you in mass. It will take a bit of planning because it will have to be an overnight
but this will give me a chance to visit
Mall Of America..LOL. Is there a mod. priced
hotel/motel very near the lodge? (and Mall Of America..lol)
As far as my interests..right now they are very
focused on my will and learning as much as I can
on my own..I am just reading as much
as I can. Wisconsin seems to have a lack of
Thelemites. I am looking forward to getting to
know everyone. I will go to my LJ this weekend
and tell you more about me..right now I need
some sleep..long day at work.

A brief intro..I will say that
I did accept the Book Of Law about 2 years ago.
I am a CS agent for a huge sportsware co.
We also own rental units (duplex's)and my
husband works for a small co.
My idea of fun is our back yard in the summer.
We have a pool..and I have my party lights strung
up around the fence so we can night swim after
sitting around the fire pit..the real reason for the lights are so we can rescue the drunks in the pool..LOL
I love to laugh..as I see you guy's do also.
Well..that's it. I have to be up at 3AM to work
tomorrow (just till noon) then I can work on
my journal..you get the idea(smile).

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