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Dedicated Space Kick off!

Dear members, friends and associates of Leaping Laughter Oasis,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Today the last piece fell into place and we were issued a general liability
insurance policy to cover our use of the dedicated space. So, tomorrow it
becomes official, and the lease will be signed and we will be handed the keys
to our new dedicated space effective August 1st!

Sister Sheri has agreed to take on the responsibility of transition project
manager, and is laying out a three phase plan, each of approximately one month
in duration, which will help us make the transition into full operation
smoothly and effectively.

I would like to invite all Oasis members on this list to a kick off meeting this
coming Sunday at 1PM to be held at Diamonds Coffee Shoppe, 1618 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413. There we will explain more details of the plan, some
key milestones and tasks, and provide an opportunity for people to begin
signing up for roles and responsibilities. If you cannot make it on Sunday, I
will be sending out updates and making sure that there are ample opportunities
for people to get involved and stay informed.

* Two dates for your Calendars
Moving day is Saturday August 6th. A second key milestone for your calendars is
for our first Mass at the new space to take place on Saturday September 3rd.

* Sunday Classes
Effective immediately we will not be using Triune on Sundays. For the time
being Sunday Tai Chi classes will continue at my place if there is interest,
contact me privately.

* Saturday July 16th
Our last scheduled event at Triune will be the Degree Work we have scheduled on
Saturday July 16th. Those candidates who are now scheduled to take initiation
on July 16th, I would like to offer you the opportunity to delay your
initiation date until we begin doing them in the new space. This could mean a
delay until as late as October, however it would allow you to be among the
first initiations that would take place in the new space. Please contact me
one way or the other to confirm your intentions and we will honor them. If all
three express a desire to wait we will cancel the July 16th event and save
ourselves 200 dollars.

I am very excited about the new opportunities and challenges ahead of us. I am
more committed than ever to listening to your ideas and feedback, and
especially to work with you on your ideas on how we will use this space. It is
my goal to provide frequent feedback as we go through all phases of this
transition, and in turn I would ask each of you to communicate your ideas and
suggestions to me so that they can be included in the plan.

Love is the law, love under will.

In the bonds of the Order,
Frater Robin
Master Leaping Laughter Oasis
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