Kore Bee (starsimplode) wrote in leapinglaughter,
Kore Bee

A New Graphic Novel from Catnose Comics

Read it here.

"Moving Forcefully Into Scope is a realistically gritty, emotionally raw, devastating, surreal and at times surprisingly spiritual look at life on the edge. A serial graphic novel written and illustrated by Courie Bishop. Suggested for mature audiences."
-Vas Littlecrow, Editor of Catnose Comics

If yr interested in Magick, punk rock, glbt/queer issues, squatting and homelessness, art, and great graphic design, this one is for you.

Release Date, February 1st, 2006 $4.44 Available for pre-order online! You can also read the first ten pages of the book here.
If you donate $4 to the project through paypal and have yr name and a sentence of yr choice put directly in the comic. We're accepting advertisers ads still and you can find the rates here.
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