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Gnostic Mass this Weekend

Hello Leaping Laughter Live Journal!

It's Courie requesting assistance and presence from the local body for what could possibly be our last Mass at Triune (you never know...). We're seeking children and communicants. I know there's a con this weekend, but please realize the importance of attending the Masses, I got word that last Mass had more people in the team than for communication.
Let's put an abrupt end to this.
This weekend is a perfect opportunity for people to come to thier first Mass, even if they're going to con (bring people back with you!). The important part of that is we're starting at 7 pm so you can get back to yr hotel parties, etc. by the time people start to show. I bet people could get back to thier plans by 9pm. Seeing as we intend on starting promptly at 7pm. There is also a flier being passed about, we're hoping to procure a few more that way.

If yr interested in childing you can email me or leave a comment, also if yr going to attend let us know, for cakes and wine purposes. Thanks all, have a great weekend and be safe!
93 93/93

Soror Courie
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